Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dangerously unhealthy!

So according to the Doctor Oz quiz I am dangerously unhealthy!

Well that is not a real surprise. My BMI is 44.1, but that is down one point already from two weeks ago!

The Million Dollar Me site asked me how I felt today. I feel a little frustrated, if you must know, because I wonder even if I loose 2 pounds a week until April (which is pretty unlikely), if I will still be one star and dangerously unhealthy?

I would still be over 200 pounds (203) and a BMI of 34.8. I would have lost over 20% of my body weight, and I would be lighter then I had been since before I could drive. I would feel so much better about myself although I would still be Obese.

My lowest weight in the past 15 years, since my crash diet in college when I got to 220 & destroyed my gallbladder. That would be a huge victory if I could get there with a BMI of 37.8 . Still "Seriously Obese."

If I could be "just Obese" with a BMI of 39.9 that would be a victory at 232, and as low as I had been since I graduated college 14 years ago. To

not be "Morbidly Obese" would be a major
victory. I got within FOUR pounds of this weight
in 2007 when I did weight watchers the first time.

Any of those, I have a feeling will not change how Dr. Oz and the world feels about me being a "fat girl." I am sure I will still be "Dangerously Unhealthy." But maybe it will change how I feel about me being the "fat girl."


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