Monday, September 26, 2011

The beginning of my Journey!

So I am just now beginning my journey to better health!

At 265 pounds I am frustrated by myself. Annoyed with me and I want to be the me I could be.

I have not been under 220 pounds since I was 20, that is 17 long years. The last time I was under 200 I could not even drive.

After having had huge success with Weight
Watchers in 2007, I recently decided to rejoin and recommit to me. My first weigh in put me at 262.6 pounds. At my height that means my BMI is over 45, and I have over 120 pounds to loose. Even if I could maintain 2 pounds a week that is over a year of loss. That is a long time.

But when I think that if I had started this last September I might be homing in on my goal? That gives me huge hope! (This photo is of me just a couple weeks ago, at old Fort Niagara, this is about as much of a close up as you will see of me.)

Is it just coincidence that two weeks after I rejoined Weight Watchers Doctor Oz started Transformation Nation? I DON'T THINK SO! I am going to work on a Million Dollar me! I want to feel like a million dollars & I am ready to do the work.

But right now, I am not worrying about the final goal. I am setting many mini-goals. My first BIG goal is to be under a 40 BMI by Christmas, that also, happens to be close with 10% of my body weight.

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