Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Roundup...

So the question is: How did I do this weekend?

The answer is: Not nearly as well as I would have liked to do!

It all started on Friday. I usually eat breakfast - oatmeal and fruit or yogurt at the office around 9 or so. But I had a 9:30 meeting ans was rushing to get ready so I did not do that.

Lunch time came I was in my car and had nothing at work for lunch or even snacks so I decided to get a Baked potato from Wendy's. Not the worlds
worst choice, but at the drive through I heard the
vil words come out of my mouth "And an order of spicy nuggets!"

Forget about the calories/fat/Points of those but really, I should not be eating that crap at all! I mean really, I am an organic farmer, I know what they are and are not (namely "real" chicken but rather mechanically processed chicken bits (makes me sick to even think about it!)). But none the less and ate it, and since I had not had breakfast I was not over where I should be at lunch on my Weight Watchers Points, but by the time I got home for supper I was RAVENOUS!

My wonderful husband had made an Onion Panade for dinner. Now if you do not know what that is, it is a whole casserole of the wonderful goodness which is the top of French Onion Soup. It is dried bread, caramelized onions, and cheese. Layer it all top with chicken broth and more cheese and bake! HEAVEN! I ate two bowls of it without even stopping to think about putting it in my tracker. And since it was so great I topped it off with half a bottle of white wine.

The next morning, Saturday. Still in my "I DON'T CARE" attitude I had a wonderful breakfast which cost almost half my points for the day! After I had finished that off I took the time to enter the Panade Recipe into Weight Watcher's Recipe Builder. 51 points for the recipe with 4 servings and I ate about 2-1/2 servings of it. Oh, and don't forget the half bottle of wine. So supper cost me 44 points! That is way over my daily allowance. So if you add in my awful lunch on Friday I blew away half of my Weekly "Discretionary" points as well.

For those of you who do Weight Watchers you may notice that my Friday meal plan got me exactly 1 of my "Good Health Guidelines" and that one was healthy oil, from the olive oil the onions were cooked in!

My Saturday continued poorly with mashed potatoes and meat loaf for supper (and more wine). Since I had also spent the day making CUPCAKES! My day ended another 17 points in the hole!

Sunday was a bit better, hitting my points on the head, but without hitting my veggie or dairy goals for the day.

So here I am. 5 hours before my third Weigh-In and wondering what the scale will say. In the spirit of full disclosure I did step on this morning and it was happy, but all scales do not match and since then I have had two meals, coffee, water, and am dressed. So we shall see. People see "Eat all your points." I came pretty darn close so we shall see if the scale rewards or punishes me.

What I can say is that a month ago I would have not even thought about the choices I made this weekend. And I probably would have eaten a half dozen of the cupcakes by now, instead of two, so maybe it will not be as bad as I am fearing?

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